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Need unmatched consistent returns on your investment, the GLOBAL FOREX TRADING MAVENS are at your service.


Hands-free Portfolio Income

Earn hundreds of times what your savings account offers you a year with average of 5-20%+ monthly returns.


Security Of Funds

Additional measures to ensure adequate levels of safety for your funds are taken.


Child Education Funding

No idea how to raise education funds, we have a solution for you.


Retirement Planning

Your investment now can address inflation and longevity over the course of your retirement.

Sport car

Car Purchase Financing

The cheapest way to buy a car tomorrow is to make an investment today.

Luxury home

Home Ownership Financing

Power your dream to own a property with an investment plan with us.


Become Our Partner

Earn 5% of our performance fees monthly/passively.


About Us

Team: We are a group of seasoned traders and forex market analysts with years of experience. Together, we have united our skills and knowledge to be able to provide you with a reliable "asset-growth" opportunity in the foreign exchange market, an investment that thrives in any economic situation (a recession-proof investment). We are working full-time, six days a week taking a professional and logical approach when it comes to managing our clients’ funds.

Goals: Our goal is simple and clear. We want to make high and stable profits for our clients, thereby making their money work for them.

Mission: Our mission could be described as follows: safe, stable, and profitable management of our clients’ money, providing them a bridge to financial freedom, and giving everyone a chance to take part in one of the investments of the rich.

What makes us stand out? No matter the direction, we've got the formula. Trading in the financial markets is not an easy task at all. It is not possible for one to become good at it for several months. It requires a lot of time, work, and effort. What makes us stand out are our traders with hard work, research, good market interpretation, well-followed rules, and great results which enables us to offer you the best services, including safe and proven trading systems under our control, a trading system where every other system are developed in reference to. Another very important thing is our safe money management and unique risk management that protects your account. We have actually paid our dues to be where we are today.

Our Strategy: Our strategy is made up of a combination of manual, intraday, technical, fundamental, and price action trading which enables us to place a high probability of winning trades with stop loss. The trading strategy is FIFO complaint, no martingale, no grid, no averaging, no pyramiding, no arbitrage, no high-frequency trading, and no hedging. It is a trading strategy that is discretionary, adapts to any market-changing conditions, and has low capacity constraints (The ability to be applied in large volume accounts).

We cut our losses and ride the trends, lay emphasis on capital preservation, open only one trade per currency pair, and use an integrated approach to currency analysis which combines intraday fundamental, technical, and valuation analysis to provide the clearest picture of what is going on in the market. This integrated approach is the most powerful, consistent, and profitable form of currency analysis that enables us to place a high probability of winning trades.

We never use any kind of robots/EAs because no robot/EA can make you rich. A robot can never understand the changing market conditions because it is programmed with a specific algorithm and strategy. Also, a robot/EA can never understand economic/fundamental analysis, which is why all robots/EAs make profits for some days/ weeks, but finally fails and wipe out the entire money in the forex account. Therefore we strive hard to analyze the market and trade 100% manually.

Our Partners: We have partners who have keyed into our vision and mission of providing safe, stable, and profitable management of our investor’s money, providing them a bridge to financial freedom. They have keyed into the vision of giving everyone a chance to take part in one of the investments of the rich, and have chosen to refer/promote our service to interested investors, people they know will like and benefit from what we are doing here. In return, we have decided to reward them by creating an opportunity for them to earn a passive income of 10% of our performance fees. For more information about our partner program click here

Our clients: Our clients include institutional, high net-worth individuals, and corporate investors as well as professional advisors, fund managers, money managers, financial planners, attorneys, stockbrokers, and insurance corporations - people who wish to benefit from correctly implemented trading strategies and techniques in foreign exchange trading.



Forex PAMM Investment

Whether your investment objectives include income, growth, or a combination of the two, we can help you take a disciplined approach to invest in the foreign exchange market. We offer both individual and institutional investors an opportunity to benefit from our market knowledge and experience.

The increasing complexity of the financial markets is one reason why more and more investors are turning to full-time (not part-time) professional investment managers. With a professionally managed forex portfolio under CITADEL FOREX FUND MANAGEMENT, you don’t have to constantly monitor the currency market or try to keep abreast of market movements; we, managers do that for you.

Minimum Investment:
$100 (Recommended $1,000)
Maximum Investment:
Projected ROI:
5-20%+ Average Monthly
Government Licensed & Regulated Brokers:
Instant Access to Your Money:
Segregated Account:
Real Time Equity Stop-Loss/Capital Protection
lock-up Period:
Early Withdrawal Penalty:
Monthly Performance Fee from the profits generated:
Minimum Term of Investment:
180 days (Optional)
Why choose our PAMM-managed account

· Full-time Traders with over 26 years of combined trading experience in the forex markets including research and development of trading strategies.

· Many years only forward tested (can't be backtested) and proven manual trading strategy returning high percentage profits with emphasis on capital preservation, and low drawdown

· Accounts opened with one of the leading forex Government Licensed & Regulated Brokers.

· Ability to invest in the world's reserve currency – US Dollars.

· Safety of funds - your funds are 100% segregated and are secured with top-tier banks which are globally recognized financial institutions.

· Recommended $1,000 Low minimum investment and fair profits sharing

· You pay Performance Fee only when we make profits for you

· Capital Protection available - we limit your downside risk to 40% of your capital, whilst maximizing your returns

· We have no deposit and withdrawal access to your funds - only the ability to trade your account

· View your account balance in real time, 24/7 using any internet-enabled device

· Get daily updates of your accounts transactions in your trader's room.

· Complete flexibility for your investments - withdraw parts or all of your funds at any time.

What's Forex Managed PAMM Services? PAMM Account (Percentage Allocation Management Module) is a trading account that consists of one or several accounts of investors which form one whole trading structure where the trading is carried out by the Managers.

The principle of PAMM functioning is sharing the profits and losses in proportion.


PAMM accounts are convenient financial instruments: - For the Investor as it maximally simplifies the procedure of investing, minimizing the risks; For the Manager as it provides convenient ways of managing Investors' accounts regardless of their numbers.


The benefits of PAMM accounts for the Investor: - Security system giving the Manager a possibility to trade with the accounts under a government regulated and licensed broker but not giving him a chance to withdraw funds from there (Ponzi scheme free); Absolute freedom of action: the possibility for Investor to put in or to withdraw funds at any time. At the moment PAMM accounts are an almost perfect instrument for investing your money. The convenience is maximal while the chances of fraud are minimized. That's why investors are advised to invest money through a PAMM forex-managed account scheme with Government Licensed & Regulated Brokers.

Brief of Our PAMM investment program:- If you are looking to make an investment rather than trade yourself, then our forex-managed accounts could be the perfect solution for you, offering no hassle hands-free trading.

Our PAMM forex-managed account is individually managed by us (seasoned forex traders) manually with our own individual trading techniques. Unlike other investments, you can be 100% sure that the manager isn't going to run off with your money because although we have access to your investment to trade with, we are unable to withdraw your money or use it for any other purpose than trading.

You can get your investment (plus profits or minus losses) back at any time by simply using the steps to withdraw in your trader's room.


At the end of the trading period, the profit gained on the PAMM forex managed account will be distributed between all participants (the investors) of the PAMM accounts and the Fund Managers receive the reward specified in the PAMM forex managed account proposal, which is represented in percentage terms from the total profit for the trading period.

NOTE: To access us by our performance when investing with us, the minimum term of investment should not be less than six (6) months; the recommended period of investment is one (1) year. An Investor can request a Withdrawal or Close his/her account at any time. At that point, all open trades for the specific Investor Account will be closed by the system. Withdrawals are processed within 24 hours.




Low minimum investment: Get access to seasoned forex traders with a minimum investment of $100 (Recommended $1,000). You pay only monthly performance Fees. You do not pay any fees, neither at the beginning nor at the end, or any other fixed fees for managing the account. We charge a 30-40% performance fee from the profits made each month on your investment. In the case we do not make any profits, we receive no performance Fee and if we make a loss, we will not be paid until we make all money we have lost back.

Professional Traders: The keys to successful trading and steady profits accumulation are great traders. And we are one of them! Now you got the chance to invest with us through our PAMM forex-managed accounts services.

Great Money Management: We follow strict money and risk management rules in order to protect your money.

Ability to Achieve Profit or loss in Rising or Declining Markets: Unlike equity and fixed income, PAMM managers of a forex account employ both long and short positions with equal facilities. In forex trading, there is no difference in profit potential (or loss potential) between a long and short position. Because of this characteristic, a forex portfolio is not 'biased long' but able to profit under any market conditions.

Global Diversification: The performance of equity and fixed income investments in one country is often highly correlated with the performance of equity and fixed income investments in other countries. As a result, global portfolios composed solely of equity and fixed income investments lack full diversification, even if they are geographically dispersed. Investing in forex gives investors access to markets beyond equity and fixed income investments, providing more complete diversification and reduction in portfolio risk. The profitability of large investment banks like Morgan Stanley, J.P Morgan, and Merrill Lynch often depends on foreign currency trading (forex). For example, when Goldman Sachs first became profitable far beyond analyst expectations after the financial bailout of 2008, they attributed their profitability to their Forex trading division.


The trade balance shows the net difference over a period of time between a nation’s exports and imports. When a country imports more than it exports, the trade balance will show a deficit, which is generally considered unfavorable to that nation’s currency and many investors know that they should diversify some of their assets into foreign currencies to avoid this, but to do so is difficult. Most U.S. banks, for example, do not offer foreign currency accounts. But by trading Forex, you instantly control hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of foreign currencies. For every $1,000 margin deposit, you can control up to $100,000 worth of Euros… or British Pounds… or whatever currency you believe will rise in the future.

Reduce Portfolio Risk While Enhancing Returns: When combined with an investor's existing portfolio of equity and fixed income instruments, our PAMM Forex Managed Account program potentially reduces the volatility and risk of that portfolio with the goal of enhancing long-term returns.

Risk Control: Investing in Forex incorporates disciplined risk control procedures in order to limit risk and achieve the smoothest possible growth in its investor account values. Leverage is an acceptable and useful tool when used wisely and with strict risk management techniques. Investors in Forex with us are therefore able to achieve a high rate of return with a level of risk control that is not possible with traditional "buy and hold" investments like stocks, etc. The control of risk in our client's account is one of the most important things we are focused on.

Complete Transparency: We provide you with the possibility of checking your account at any time to know your profit/loss. Therefore, you have access to monitor your account 24/7. The only thing you need is a simple PC program, iPad, mobile phone, and access to the Internet. Daily update of your investment performance in your trader's room is done by the forex broker every 24hrs.

Safety of Funds: Your funds are segregated from the broker funds and held in top-tier banking institutions in your name and secure and cannot be used for any other purpose. This means you remain the only proprietor of capital invested. The broker is not allowed to send your investment to another account and never will, because they are being audited and verified.

Instant Access to Your Money: Your money is liquid – Our PAMM forex managed account is not a fixed term account and you are not bound to any certain period. If you decide to make a withdrawal, you have the full right to do it at any time. You can withdraw your profit monthly or allow it to grow with compound interest.

Hands-Free Earnings: Our PAMM forex fund management service is set up for those who don't have the time to constantly monitor the currency market or try to keep abreast of market movements and are tired of actually doing something to earn money. We do everything necessary instead of you, making it easy for you to retire early. You will only monitor your account to check how much we earn for you.



Our PAMM Performance

Our PAMM performance is from an independent third-party body that verifies trading performance to ascertain its legitimacy. Note that the real PAMM trading account trading performance statistics will be affected by new deposits and withdrawals.





PAMM Investment Guide


Steps To Create Your PAMM Investment Account At XBTFX

Step 1

You will create an account on XBTFX by visiting this link here. More about our partner broker here


It is necessary that you sign up through our Introducing Broker (IB) link above so that we can represent you well in case you have any issue with the broker as we fund managers also represent the brokers and have more influence over the brokers.

Investment in our PAMM forex fund management can grow to a point where we decide not to take in new investors or block investors due to our trading system's capacity constraint, and investors that signed up through our Introducing Broker (IB) link will be most considered to stay invested with us.

NOTE: That the names and addresses that you fill when opening an account with the broker must correspond with the names and addresses that you used on the documents which you will use in verifying your accounts, the bank statement that you will use in verifying your address, the bank account or payment systems that you will use in funding your account.

Step 2

  1. Fill in the required information i.e your account details, Your First Name, your Last Name including your email address and a strong password. Select your country code and input your phone number omitting the first zero and select your country. Make sure to read and agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before proceeding.tick the box beside it.
  2. Click on the “Continue” button to complete the registration process. You will receive a confirmation email with a verification link. Enter The PIN where it is required or Click on the link to verify your email address and activate your account.
  3. Once your account is activated, you can log in to the platform and complete your user profile By clicking on Settings and Verification. You will be required to provide additional information and complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) process to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
  4. you will need to upload your documents, which are any scanned copy of your Driving license, International passport, National Permanent Voters card, or National ID as proof of Identity. A bank account statement, Utility bill, etc, as proof of address.
  5. After completing your profile and KYC, You need to be approved before funding your account. You also need to be approved for all the features in your traders room to be accessible to you, before continuing to the next steps in the PAMM Investment Guide. you can deposit funds into your XBTFX account using your preferred cryptocurrency.



How to Deposit to XBTFX payment Account

Step 1

Log into

Step 2

On the Click the deposit button.

Step 3

select USD from the top menu under "Select Currency" shown at the first arrow of the next image:

Step 4

Where you see Deposit Type Click on Deposit to USD then select currency as USD in the drop down menu.

Step 5

Where you see Payment menthod select any of the available cryptocurrency option to deposit and click on Send Request or Proceed. , the QR code will show on the next page.

Step 6

Copy the cryptocurrency address or scan the QR code and make a deposit using any crypto wallet or directly from another exchange. We accept BTC, ETH, XRP, DAI, USDT(via ERC20, BEP20 or TRC20) and many others.

Step 7

Send your crypto to the QR code or the cryptocurrency address displayed. When your transaction is confirmed by the blockchain, you will be notified by email that funds have been added to your XBTFX wallet.

Step 8

After you have deposited to your wallet, you must move your funds from the Wallet into your PAMM Investment Account for investment.





Step 1

Log into your XBTFX portal using your login and password. You can jump to step 4

Step 2

Click on the button PAMM, in the left column of your portal, click on “Leaderboard” under PAMM in the left column.

Step 3

On the Leaderboard page, look for “CITADEL GLOBAL MACRO FOREX STRATEGY”. You can as well click here directly to invest in CITADEL GLOBAL MACRO FOREX STRATEGY.

Step 4

Click +Follow button of CITADEL GLOBAL MACRO FOREX STRATEGY from leaderboard screen or from CITADEL GLOBAL MACRO FOREX STRATEGY statistics page. to invest in our strategy CITADEL GLOBAL MACRO FOREX STRATEGY at XBTFX.

Step 5

Select PAMM Investment Account, select USD and select Leverage 200. Check the box just above Subcribe to acknowledge and agree to terms and conditionsof using copy trading service, then click on Subscribe

Step 6

Next is New subscription was successfully created while recieving an email that your New PAMM investor account has been created and have subscribed to a master account

Step 7

Next Step: Deposit funds to your investment account. You can deposit funds immediately the successful subscrition to your Investment account there or on the Deposit page in your broker's portal later. You can also go through PAMM, click on My Accounts, you see the investment account you created under Investment click Transfer, Select From, To the Destination Account "PAMM Investment Account", Transfer amount and deposit funds to your investment account

Step 8

From Step (6) Next Step: Deposit funds to your investment account. Where you see Deposit From, Select the account you are removing money from and type Deposit Amount and click Deposit now

Step 9

log in to your broker's portal to view your PAMM investment’s performance and status at any time using an internet-enabled device.


XBTFX Knowledge Base For Investors


How to Deposit

Deposit And Withdrawal Methods

Minimum Deposit And Withdrawal

Deposit And Withdrawal FAQs

Problems And Solutions


How To fund your USD wallet

How to add funds to your Metatrader 5 trading account


How to Stop Following the Trader/PAMM master

How to Unsubsribe and Close All Positions

How to make Deposit/Withdrawal (PAMM Investor)



How to enable 2FA

Anti Phishing

Address Whitelist

Device Management

Contact us or the broker if you have any issues.



Anti-Scam Guide

We want to put it very clear – there are lots of scammers who build nets of lies and catch naive investors into their web of trickery. Forex is a market with a huge interest for investors; no wonder scammers are hunting for the big money here.

The problem is that many potential investors hear a lot about making money on Forex, but know nothing about the specifics of this market. Therefore these people can be easily lured into a scam designated as a Forex investment. If you read this article to the end, we guarantee that most of the Forex scams will not be able to fool you. So, this is a short list of typical problems and how to avoid them.

Forex Investment Scam Trick #1 – Send Me the Money; Never send your money to the Forex trader or Forex trading company – your money can evaporate and you get no way to track who stole it. Even if they give you a bank account, today it is possible to open a fake bank account; so the chances of losing your money are very high.

Solution: CITADEL FOREX FUND MANAGEMENT is a perfect option. You do not send money to traders. You open your trading account DIRECTLY with a government-regulated & licensed forex broker. At least CITADEL FOREX FUND MANAGEMENT works with a top reputable Forex broker - A company that has global recognition for YEARS on this market.

So, you open an account directly with this broker. You are the only person on the planet whom this broker allows to deposit or withdraw money from this account. This is YOUR account. Our traders are only able to perform trading operations with the money. They cannot withdraw this money and buy a yacht, villa in Spain, or fancy sport car. You are the only and absolute owner of the account opened directly with a world-famous Forex broker. You track absolutely everything 24Hrs. No intermediaries (who can disappear) – no risk that someone will take your money.

AND, any professional Forex Government Licensed & Regulated Broker is checking the identity of traders, (i.e National I.D Card, Drivers License and Utility Bills like NEPA Bills, Water Bills, or Country's Bank Statement for proof of address). Better than any FBI and CIA. That is why you can be sure that these traders are real people who do not have any chance to run away and disappear.

Forex Investment Scam Trick #2 – We Guarantee Profits; No one is allowed to guarantee profits on the Forex market – this is against the law. The reasons are obvious because Forex is a risky market. Even if someone has been making profits from Forex trading 60 months in a row – there is no guarantee this trader will make profits the next month. That is why when you see any High Yielding Investment Program (HYIP) or other investment programs which say ‘we guarantee X% monthly or Y% daily’ – congratulations, you have found a scam. It is prohibited by law to promise any guaranteed profits from Forex trading.

Forex Investment Scam Trick #3 – Great Reviews; “I invested the money because the program had great reviews” – a typical phrase of a ripped-off investor. Forex scammers are smart and have enough money to hire dozens of people who sit on Forex forums and brainwash naive people. They write fancy articles, they submit nicely-looking videos to YouTube – they know their job and their job is to make you believe. They are even running communities that are supposed to be unbiased, but in reality, make people believe and go into fake programs. Even if your best friend is recommending an HYIP – this friend can be fooled by the forums, reviews, articles, press releases, and videos.

Forex Investment Scam Trick #4 – They Paid at the Beginning; Most of the scammers pay at the beginning because they have to feed the market and spread the good buzz. Before they start any scam, they have at least 6 months’ reserve for payouts – but they will rip off people for much bigger money. For them, this “payment at the beginning” is like an investment, a necessity. For naive investors this is bait. You would be surprised how many people got caught on that bait. Maybe even you were one of the victims. If so – sorry, but you should have read this earlier.

Forex Investment Scam Trick #5 – They Had Nice Income; Come on! Anyone can take Photoshop and draw everything. Pay $50 to a good web designer and you can “boast” with screenshots of billions of USD on your account.

How are YOU Going to Prove That CITADEL FOREX FUND MANAGEMENT Is NOT a Scam?

Even such a great write-up should not make you trust us. If you trust us just for reading these tips, then you have missed the idea of it – Take the veil away from your eyes. There is just one thing you can trust in this world, With Forex managed account service from CITADEL FOREX FUND MANAGEMENT:

1. You open an account directly with a top Forex Government Licensed & Regulated Broker (its reputation is much better than the reputation of most of the world governments and political leaders).

2. Your funds are segregated from the broker funds and held in top-tier banking institutions in your name and secure and cannot be used for any other purpose. This means you remain the only proprietor of capital invested. The Government Licensed & Regulated Broker is not allowed to send your investment to another account and never will, because they are being audited and verified.

3. This forex broker checked our identity better than any FBI or CIA (i.e. National I.D Card, Driver’s License, and Utility Bills like NEPA Bills, Water Bills, or Country's Bank Statement for proof of address) and you can be sure that traders are real people who cannot disappear.

4. Our trading Performance comes directly from and audited by an independent third party company , so you can verify our results. This does not guarantee you any profits, but as we said, to guarantee any profits in this market is against the law. But this guarantees that you will never say “My money is gone, I do not know where” – you have real people doing the job for you.





We provide Instructions for opening an investor account here . If you have further questions, we can often help with what you need to know, or find out for you from the broker, as well as provide you the names of specific contact people to get the most information quickly.

The minimum amount to open an investment account is $100, Recommended is $1,000.

Yes, you have to open a Forex investment account with the broker used by our PAMM managed account program. The PAMM structure of fund management requires that all investor accounts are opened in the same forex broker. You open the account in your name.

No. Your account must be opened at the same Government Licensed & Regulated Broker as all others which will be under management in our program. The fund manager for the program has access to software that allows trading of these accounts as a group -- but they must all be at the same broker for the fund manager to use this.

You would have to follow the procedure in our investment guide and move funds from your self-traded account into our PAMM account.

Yes, sometimes a PAMM forex managed program reaches a limit and must close to new investors. Usually, if you have already submitted your Account Application to the broker, your account will still be permitted to join the forex managed program. To make sure, however, you should always fund your account as soon as possible. Many brokers will allow you to submit funds at the same time as your application and documents approval to speed up the process.


You can deposit funds to your account through Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Binance Coin, Cardano, Stellar Lumen, Tron, Dogecoin, and Tether, USD Coin, USDP, Multi-collateral DAI. Login to your broker's portal and deposit your funds. You will need to have an account/funds in one of these payment options.

The minimum amount to open an investment account is $100, Recommended is $1,000 and there is no specific maximum investment amount as the Forex market can support an investment of almost any size.

A lower net profit history usually comes in association with a lower history of drawdown, or lower risk of loss. The reason one might choose such an account is motivated as much or more by lowering risk, as by making profits. But because of the lower profit objectives, the account manager makes less money from their performance fees -- and they have a certain minimum they wish to make, which they aim to achieve by requiring a higher minimum account size. It is not uncommon to see minimums of $10k, all the way up to $100k -- so what we are presenting to investors here is an exceptional set of opportunities.

To withdraw funds, you simply execute a withdrawal just as you would normally from any other forex brokerage account. Login to your broker's portal and withdraw your funds. But first, you have to remove funds from your PAMM investor account to your portal.

No, there are no penalties for withdrawing from the PAMM managed account program at any time you choose. To access us by our performance when investing with us, the minimum period of investment should not be less than six (6) months; the recommended period of investment is one (1) year.

No, the funds in your Forex PAMM managed account is in your name at the broker. You are the proprietor of this account and the only one who can make deposits to or withdraw from this account. The only power you grant to the traders for the managed program is the power to trade your account which also authorizes deduction of the agreed Performance Fee/profit share ("incentive fee") stated in our PAMM investment proposal. This deduction is done by the Government Licensed & Regulated Broker.

Yes, eventually profits left in your account will be considered an addition to invested funds, and will be factored into trade size calculations for future trades.


Login to your broker's portal with your user name and password to view the status of your investment account at any time.

No. A forex PAMM managed/investment account can only be traded by the fund manager you authorize. You can decide to withdraw your funds from the managed/investment account by removing funds from the PAMM investment account to your self-trading forex account, from there you will be able to personally trade your funds.

Yes. To stop trading, you would have to withdraw your funds from the PAMM managed/investment account.

You can use the stop-loss (capital protection) feature to protect a percentage of your capital/investment when opening an investment account through your broker's portal. When investing type out the amount that you want to invest and set your stop-loss level to protect 60% of your invested capital as recommended by us, (I.e assuming you are investing $10,000 you should set your stop-loss level at $6,000)


We charge a 30-40% Performance Fee from the profits made each month depending on your investment. In the case we do not make any profits, we receive no Performance Fee and if we make a loss, we will not be paid until we make all money we have lost back.

At the end of the first month after your account begins trading, if there is a profit, the broker will deduct the Performance Fees, which have been authorized when investing with us. Each month they will do the same. The Performance Fee is a percentage of the net profits per month from the "watermark" of previous highs. If there are no profits in a given month, there are no Performance Fees. The high equity point established after Performance Fees are calculated creates the "watermark" which must be surpassed before any future profits may again be calculated. For example, you start with $10,000 in an account with a performance fee of 40%, and during the month there is $4000 in gross profit. The Performance's Fees deducted would be 40% of $4000, which is $1600, so your net profit would be $2400, and your account would now have a "watermark" new balance of $12,400. If in the next month there was a loss of $1000, there would be no Performance Fees deducted, since there is no profit, and your new balance would be $11,400. Your "watermark" is still $12,400. In the third month, if there was $3000 in gross profit, then the Performance Fees would be calculated on only $2000 of that, since the first $1000 in profit gets your account back up to its "watermark" of $12,400. So the Performance Fees would be 40% of $2000, or $800, and your net profit for that month would be $2200 (which is $1000 + $1200), and your new account balance would be the new "watermark" of $13,600 (which is $11,400 + $1000 + $1200).

The monthly Performance fee is usually deducted by the broker on or near the first of each calendar month. Only the broker can say exactly what date they use, however, you can expect it will be about the same time every month.


Basically the managed account program provider is acting as a trader just as you would yourself, if self-trading your own forex brokerage account, so the same risks apply to them, and thus to you and your account as if you were trading it yourself. You are exposed to the risk of draw down or loss in your account whether it is managed by someone else or whether you trade it yourself.

This is an important question of which we are keenly aware. Please read our detailed information in the Anti-Scam Guide


Here are some reasons to diversify:-

1) Investment advisers have always advocated diversification.

2) Most investors' portfolios are heavily concentrated in the stock market and or bond market.

3) Most mutual funds are highly correlated to each other and the market.

4) Protecting yourself from the risks associated with investment concentration is important to your financial well-being.

5) Forex is not correlated to the stock market, so it provides true diversification to lower your overall investment portfolio risk.

6) Forex offers profit/loss potential regardless of market direction, unlike some other markets (no “Bear” Market).


Yes. You can earn a passive income which will be 5% of our monthly performance fees. For more information on our partnership opportunity click here

Earnings will be paid by our Government’s licensed, regulated, monitored, and audited partner brokerage firm into your commission account with the broker.

No. it is not conditional, but it is advisable to invest with the minimum investment amount of $100, (recommended $1,000) so as to know the steps to make an investment with us. This will help you in guiding your referred investor in making an investment with us.

We have marketing materials for our partners and our partners can also create their own marketing materials in the way that suits them.

Do not see your question answered here? Please Contact us!



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REGULATION: XBTFX is licensed under The Financial Services Authority (FSA) - XBTFX is the trade name of XBTFX (SC) Ltd, a company regulated as a Securities Dealer by the Financial Services Authority of Seychelles with license number SD169.

You can perform the verification through a search on Seychelles FSA Services Register. Please visit the Seychelles FSA’s official website at Under Quick Links, click on "Register of Licensees". You will be redirected to the “Regulated Entities” page. Please click on “Capital Markets”. You will be redirected to the “Capital Markets” page. Please click on “Securities Dealer” and scroll down to "XBTFX (SC) Ltd". Finally, click on “XBTFX (SC) Ltd”. The details of the firm will be shown, including office address, company email and website


XBTFX keeps separate cold wallets for company funds and client funds.

Your assets are held primarily in cold storage and with a segregated liquidity account at their liquidity provider,and they keep no more than 15% of their assets in hot wallets. For more information click here



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PAMM Strategy Partners

Earn More Than $1,000 Passive/Residual Monthly Income With Citadelfxfund As An Affiliate/Referrer/independent marketer.

Are you a financial advisor, financial consultant, business consultant, wealth management company, unemployed, under-employed, a graduate, an undergraduate, a housewife, a student, or a marketer(online/offline), you do host seminars, etc? Citadelfxfund opens up this opportunity for you to be employed and earn more than $1,000 passive/residual monthly income. One of the best passive income earning programs in the world. You don't even need to blame the economic situation of the world or your country, as this is a recession-proof income-earning opportunity.

You might want to know who Citadelfxfund is, we are a forex account management company that is out to manage funds for investors who are looking for a place to earn a return that is above investment/market benchmark, a return that beats inflation, investors who are looking for a recession-proof investment (Investment that brings a return no matter the economic situation of the world/country).

Citadelfxfund is targeting an average monthly return of 5-20%+ to interested investors, through our forex portfolio/fund management service. A forex portfolio/fund management company that is structured to make sure that you don’t lose your money again to all these scam/Ponzi schemes promoted around. This forex portfolio/fund management service is structured under a Government’s licensed, regulated, monitored, and audited financial brokerage firm. Deposits/withdrawals are 100% controlled by the investors(we only have access to manage your currency investment portfolio). You can monitor your investment 24hrs/7days through your traders room/cabinet using an internet-enabled device.

Why is this one the best passive online income earning programs in the world and your country and what are the features of this passive income earning program? The answers are given below:-

We have set up your earnings to be paid by our Government’s licensed, regulated, monitored and audited partner brokerage firm, so that you will not say Citadefxfund is not paying you your earnings. The forex broker who is in charge of paying you your earnings has set up this, as authorized by us.

Citadelfxfund charges a performance fee of 40% of the monthly profits made for the investors that invested a minimum of $100 and then pays 5% of it to its affiliates/marketers/referrals/promoters. Assuming you attract an investor who invested and maintains a minimum investment balance of $100 monthly with us, and we made a profit of 10% for the investor in a month, which is $10, we will be paid $4 as performance fees, earning you $0.2 for that investor that you brought to us. You will be earning a monthly passive/residual income of $1,000+ if you were to bring in only 5,000 investors that invested a minimum of $100 with us (I.e $0.2*5,000 = $1000).

Citadelfxfund also charges a performance fee of 35% of the monthly profits made for the investors that invested a minimum of $1,000 and then pays 5% of it to its affiliates/marketers/referrals/promoters. Assuming you attract an investor who invested and maintains a minimum investment balance of $1000 monthly with us, and we made a profit of 10% for the investor in a month, which is $100, we will be paid $35 as performance fees, earning you $1.75 for that investor that you brought to us. You will be earning a monthly passive/residual income of $1,000+ if you were to bring in only 572 investors that invested a minimum of $1000 with us (I.e $1.75*572 = $1001).

Citadelfxfund also charges a performance fee of 30% of the monthly profits made for the investors that invested a minimum of $10,000 and then pays 5% of it to its affiliates/marketers/referrals/promoters. Assuming you attract an investor who invested and maintains a minimum investment balance of $10,000 monthly with us, and we made a profit of 10% for the investor in a month, which is $1,000. we will be paid $300 as performance fees, earning you $15 for that investor that you brought to us. You will be earning a monthly passive/residual income of $1,000+ if you were to bring in only 67 investors that invested a minimum of $10,000 with us (I.e $15*67 = $1005).

You will be paid based on the number of investors that you attract to us and the invested funds that these investors invest with us as a whole. The more investors you attract to us the more you earn. And the more funds the investors add to their fund management/investment portfolio, the more you will earn.

You will be paid monthly as long as your attracted investor's funds are still under our management, even if you stop referring investors to us again. If you are still promoting any other investment program out there, ask them “why are they not paying you people a passive income, and if you stop referring investors, will they continue to pay you?” their reply will convince you that it is a scam/Ponzi scheme, because they believe in having new incoming investors to continue running their scam/Ponzi schemes. If that program can’t pay you a passive income, what about when you will not be able to work again due to stress or old age?

With Citadelfxfund, you will still be earning from us, as long as your referred investor's funds are still under our management, even when you stop marketing us or are incapacitated, we give you an opportunity to earn a lifetime income without working, after your initial marketing/referring/promoting effort.

How do i know Citadelfxfund is not a scam/Ponzi scheme? Citadelfxfund pays you from the profits made on the investor's account through a Government’s licensed, regulated, monitored, and audited partner brokerage firm, not from the investor's deposits. If you see any investment platform/structure paying affiliates/referrals/promoters a percentage of investor's deposits, congratulation, you have found a scam/Ponzi scheme, as they should be paying you from the profits made from the trading/managing the investor's fund. Any forex fund management/investment company that cannot pay their partners passive/residual income from actual trading/fund management returns/profits is actually running a scam/Ponzi scheme

As your attracted investor's fund grow under our management, so will your earnings grow.

As your attracted investors add more funds, later on, you will still be earning from the added funds as long as the investor's fund is still under our management.

You don’t need to convince 25 investors to invest and maintains a minimum investment balance of $10,000 monthly with us before earning more than $1,000 monthly passive/residual income. The minimum investment set by us for investors to try our fund management service is $100, and all you need to do is attract your 5000 Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,Whatsapp, Telegram, friends/fans/followers, etc to try our service with just $100.

Lets do the math. 5000 investors invest and maintains a minimum investment balance of $100 monthly. 5000 *$100 =$500,000 which is the total of your referred investor's funds under our management. We make an average monthly return/profit of 10% of $500,000= $50,000 to investors. 40% of $50,000= $20,000 which is our performance fee to cover our time and expenses. You will be paid 5% of $20,000= $1,000 as your passive/residual income.

You can even post in Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, telegram groups, etc. This is an invitation to bloggers, internet marketers, bulk SMS services, and email marketers to take advantage of that numbers now, that email now, to build a long-term passive/residual income for yourself. Bloggers, this is the time to take advantage of that traffic that you have built throughout the years to earn a monthly residual income from Citadelfxfund

You don’t have to blame the current economic situation of the world for being jobless, unemployed, and under-employed.

Our PAMM forex Investment service was a service that in the past, allows only investors to make profit. Now due to a unique development, you can earn as a PAMM Partner, even if you don’t have profitable trading skills or sufficient funds for investment in our PAMM forex investment service.

Our PAMM partner program provides an opportunity for PAMM Partners to use their special affiliate/referral/independent marketing skills to earn a significant part of our performance fees.

As our PAMM partner, you attract investors to invest in our PAMM fund management service. Our partner broker used your referral links and cookies to track your referred investors. A percentage of the trading/fund management company’s performance fees is automatically transferred to your commission account.

Benefits our of PAMM partnership program:

- You don’t need to be an investor.

- You only need the basic knowledge of the forex market

- You don’t need to know how to trade.

- A transparent system of earnings accumulation over a period of time

- The ability to track attracted investors.

How to attract clients

After registration and “ agreement” signing, you will get your personal and unique PAMM Partner’s referral link.

PAMM Partner’s link

In case you don’t have your own website you still have an opportunity to attract investors using other avenues on the internet. Just use your unique personal PAMM partner’s referral link to attract investors to invest with us.

All investors that invest with us through our partner broker using your personal PAMM partner’s referral link will be identified as your referred investors.

To take advantage of this passive income earning opportunity, click on the link below to signup and partner with us or Contact us

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